Safe digging and ground disturbance packages in Alberta and British Columbia



PCI helps you or your company dig safely during any type of
ground disturbance project. We can handle your entire dig from start to
finish. Our ground disturbance packages mitigate any potential hazards.



Party Chief Inc. provides you, your company or  your facility with an all-in-one ground disturbance monitoring and supervision solution. We provide you with a service that completes your ground disturbance from start to finish. We compile your entire ground disturbance package so that you are able to concentrate on your tasks at hand. Our ground disturbance monitoring is very robust. Our process ensures your work area is 100% safe.

Our service area includes Edmonton, Edson, Hinton, Grande Prairie, Golden, Valemont, Prince George, Smithers, Terrace, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Fort St. John and Fort Nelson.

By following pre-planed phases of ground disturbance we are able to mitigate any risks for all stakeholders of your ground disturbance project. We handle the ground disturbance from start to finish. We are your partner.

Here are the phases of our Ground Disturbance supervision program in short. We have over 70 steps to complete on our ground disturbance checklist:

  1. Ground Disturbance Planning (legislation, define work area, assessments, gather info,  approvals, consent, COP, ERP, training)
  2. Information review (permits, records, agreements)
  3. Create Ground Disturbance Package (review ground disturbance package, work plan, BC One Call,  identify hazards/update ERP,  initiate safety monitoring, employ environmental controls, communicate with landowners and personnel, prepare staging area, verify site is still marked and staked, clean work area, contact one call and non one call members, discuss scope of work with ground disturbers, take photos )
  4. Locate Underground Facilities (manage locate requests, perform visual inspection, perform locates, confirm locates, take photos)
  5. Pre-Excavation Organization (meet with owners/operators review site specific policies/procedures, meet with excavators, mark overhead hazards, hand expose facilities, identify facilities, support facilities, erect safety fences and  barricades at crossings, resolve any locates that are in question)
  6. Perform Ground Disturbance (discuss  scope of work with excavators, inspect tools/equipment, follow environmental controls, protect facilities, observe ground disturbance, grade site, excavate, classify soil/rock, excavate bore pit, safe blasting, protect workers, notify of any deviation to work plan, install)
  7. Reclamation (inspect facility before backfill protect facility during backfill, backfill inspection report, clean up work site, install warning signs, update records and file documentation)
We trust and use AutoDesk Civil3D. Click here to visit their website.
Complyworks is the prequalification service we use. Click here to visit their website.
We use leica and hexagon products on most every survey and geomatics project. Click here to visit their website.